Friday, November 29, 2019

Pakistan Politics: Jumping from one boat to another

The unrest in Pakistan is political. It comprises comics of a well-loved music genre with a heavy-duty soundtrack and repeats the same thing as 6 Indian indie comics.

In addition to entertainment, much of the information is lost. As voters and citizens, we see exactly what we see when politicians jump from a boat. Adding others clearly states internal policies or some say "money". Politics, women, and men, not money. It is probably a foreign policy that steals the party and drives us to pay off debt, but also the internal situation of power and stability. The country is a product of violent politics because independence is only 70 years old before it turns.

Former PTI chief and founding member of Fauzia Kasuri after serving for 23 years, Pak Sar Zameen Mustafa Kamal's party has joined the PTI. He previously ran PTI, in 2013 to distribute illegal convention tickets.

Politicians jump from one office to another, sometimes after a gap. The sound is as dirty. We break stereotypes with one exception: political subjectivity. When it comes to academics and youth, we do not need to support our inherited political party nor do we need to be influenced by decoration. Always be practical, intelligent and keep your eyes open.

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