Sunday, May 27, 2018

There is no right to equip sexual assault with abuse: Morgan Ferman

Morgan Fremanman says he congratulations to the people so that he can feel comfortable around him, but he never attacked him.

Academy Award-winning actor this week CNN's report is fighting for many women's allegations of misconduct. He said in a statement that on Friday night the report had destroyed and that "it is wrong to compare or misguided the horrific events of sexual violence with the wrong mode."

After the report, Visa announced that it would suspend its marketing which has the sound of the actor.

A CNN film contains a film production assistant, who said that Farman has tried to get his skirt without success. Other women talked about unwanted touch on useless and shoulders. For most of the fare, the charges of frenzy say they would comment on their body or their clothes or feel unhappy with their injuries. The former employee of Freeman's production company said that an 80-year-old actor would behave like a "church uncle".

One of the authors of the article, Let's Fair, started working on a press conference where he freely took his hand, he looked down and made comments such as "cooked".

"I understand that I am someone who feels need to try to make women feel comfortable and comfortable around me," Ferron said. "As part of this, often they tried to appreciate fun and women, I thought it was a comfortable and vandalic way. Apparently, I did not always want it. "

He said that they do not attack women, create an unsafe work environment or provide employment or promotion for sex.

His reference to equality of behavior with others was not clear. The charges against Freeman stayed in a single day spreading that the New York City authorities had gone to file rape allegations against the incredible Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

A former colleague of Freeman's statement accused of undergoing unwanted sexual intercourse, after an email reminder of an email written by experienced television fiction Tom Brokaw was sent to his friends recently.

Farman said, "I'm wasting because my life is facing at least 80 years of age."

Freeman won Oscar 2005, 2005 million for the best supporting actor. He was nominated on four other occasions, including driving Miss Deluxe and Shshokan rescue. Her voice is famous as commercial and documentary documents and other productions.

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