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Enemy Iqbal Park Ki Date

History of Great Iqbal Park
History of Great Iqbal Park
LAHORE: After six years and then under Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan, a great rally on Manarar Pakistan in Lahore, on 30 th October 2011, arranged 22 years, 22 political parties of this site. A massive crowded crowd of acres, attracted their rivals on Sunday night, called Greater Iqbal Park, formerly named Minto Park.

Tehreek-e-Insaf head Imran Khan arrived at the scene before 21:00 night, but thousands of his supporters were still trapped in traffic accidents on the road around Park Iqbal. October 30, 2011, The scale of expression of movement of justice was Imran 's "twist" and "Telegraph" as its political existence from the famous Western media, which was usually described in the afternoon, in the afternoon But I was a partner and Imran Khan and his companions lived before the general elections of 2018.

The vast expanses of grass around the Minto Park-Manar-e-Pakistan were named 1807 and 1813. Between Lord Minto was named for Elite Gilbert (1751-1814), the ninth Indian Governor is the most famous to host General Meeting March 23, The resolution of the 1940s was approved by the Pakistan Muslim League, the movement of events in India due to the distribution of British India in 1947, a decisive motive for it.

Manara Manmare, 203 feet high, was built between Grand and Iqbal in 1960 and 1968 in order to make the first official call memorandum for a separate Muslim homeland in India.

The memorandum was completed on October 21, 1968, on the cost of Rs7,058,000 (over RS7 million). Money Akhtar Hussain was raised by applying an additional tax on the movie ticket and watch the race on the request of the Governor of West Pakistan.

The cost of Lahore's heart culture is surrounded by all sides of the 13-door wall of Grand Park Iqbal in the past 13 months, repaired for the current government of Punjab in the 13 months of the cost of Rs 981 million on 9th November 2016.

After returning from a long exile in Park Labor Europe, April 10, 1986, late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had given a great reception home. Former President General (retired) Parvez's opening ceremony

Musharraf's referendum was also held at Manarar Pakistan in an umbrella of the 44th Organization of Pakistan Defense Council (44) and the right group of people, also in this place, in particular, in December 2011, which A resolution through which was passed to defend the country against external aggression.

The leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Hafiz Saeed, saw this event led by Indian media and a gathering of Western Jihadi sectarian warriors, Orthodox mullahs and Islamic revivalists.

Interestingly, April 25, 2010, MQM workers planned to hold a party convention in Punjab, which was in Punjab, but officials refused to do permission from the head of affairs.

Iqbal great park, as "poet" and shopping shops for visitors have seen almost all political institutions such as all sitting Muslim League, Khosa movement, holder, eating coffee and tennis artistic Muslim League-N, PPP Led by the party, JUI (F), Pakistan Peoples Party, MQM and the Q. General Musharraf, etc. have held extensive engagement corners during the last 78 years or 23 March 1940 meetings, but Eventually held by Tehreek-e-Insaf tomorrow evening maybe all the rallies held here go down in history as the biggest!

The great spiritual thinkers are Kabiristan, Allama Iqbal, Hafeez and Julandhari, the poet, who is located in the National Anthem song written by Great Park Iqbal. Great Iqbal Park, Lahore is also known for many gems of cricket.

The Pakistani cricket legend Fazal Mahmood (1927-2005), actress Ava Baghban (1922-1990), requested the dance and the followers of whom former Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi, including many Indian cricketers and including Lala Amarnath and Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Imtiaz Ahmed, Muhammad Nazar, Salim Nazar, Salim Malik, Salem Parvez, Sarfraz Nawaz, Shafqat Rana, Majmat Rana, Javed Berki, Majid Khan, Imran Khan as Pakistan as himself, Zulfiqar Ahmed Shuja ud-

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